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Here you’ll find our cup and saucer sets that you can have personalised with your very own logo. You can choose from stackable cups and saucers (recognisable by the rim of the cups), or non-stackable models. The capacities range from around 8cl for espresso cups, 14 to 16cl for coffee cups and 20cl for cappuccino cups.  

Personalise cups and saucers with your logo and in your style

We have a range of products from a variety of brands in-stock. Do you have a particular model in mind, but can’t find it on the site? Don’t hesitate to contact us because we can, in principle, offer all porcelain brands.

Our Bola line is available in white, in an extra high and slender model, or in cream. This cup and saucer series is characterised by its minimalistic rounded design.  The Robusta and Bart series offer more colourful cup and saucer sets. These are available in a beautiful deep blue or black glazing. 

Whereabouts on the cup and saucer can I apply my logo?

We can print your logo either on the left or on the right of the handle, whichever you prefer. Would you like your logo to be visible to clients as you drink from your cup? Then choose to have your logo printed to the right of the handle. Assuming you drink from your right hand, that is.

Depending on the degree of the curve, we can also apply an all-over print to your cups. Your logo can also be applied to the saucer or printed on the inside of the cup (as long as the design is not too detailed).

What kind of quality can I expect from my personalised cups and saucers?

Your quality print will be both scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe. Because we use an oven that reaches temperatures of over 1000 degrees Celsius, the logo is literally branded onto the porcelain. 

We count top bankers, listed companies and various catering enterprises among our customers. They expect nothing but the most excellent service for their brands, and we gladly rise to the challenge. The quality guarantee of our products and print techniques is an essential part of our company profile.

You want to receive your order on time, get the best quality for the best price and have your questions answered with personal attention.

At Impri Verre, we have short lines of communication with our production team and a close relationship with our logistical partners. Choose the desired delivery date at the time of ordering or requesting a quote; we always take deadlines seriously. You can also request a delivery address different to your business address. This way, we can deliver straight to your event or fair if necessary.

Along with great customer service, pleasing our customers with very high-quality personalised cups and saucers, offered at a competitive price, is what drives us. Our printers are specialised solely in the printing and decorating of glass- and tableware. And thanks to more than 12 years of experience, all techniques and colour ratios have been extensively developed.

We are ready to help and answer all your questions via chat, telephone or email during office hours from Monday to Friday. It is important to us to carefully consider your questions and requests, so that there are no surprises later on.

How can I get the correct logo file required to print my cups and saucers?</

For optimal results, we need a vector file in order to print your logo on the cups and saucers . Not familiar with vector logos? We’ll help you get a vector file even when you only have a bitmap file such as .JPEG or PNG. This service is always included and free-of-charge.