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Scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe prints on your coffee mugs

At Impri Verre, we value the quality of our printing process. We therefore use the same kind of process you would associate with hotels and quality restaurants. This process requires craftsmanship and precision.
Do you want to have a logo that still looks fresh after one year, and a coffee mug with no black lines on the inside? Cheap ceramic mugs will often develop grey/black lines and cracks on the inside, unlike real porcelain. Impri Verre therefore only offers high-quality products that have been branded in an oven rather than products with logos applied using sublimation. 

If the coffee mugs are going to be used for promotional purposes and/or if a photo or full colour logo needs to be applied, we do offer sublimation printing. However, if the coffee mugs are intended for use in bars, restaurants etc., then we always go for screen printing (in a maximum of 5 colours).  

Free print sample of your personalised coffee mug

In order to create a print sample, we’ll need a vector logo (don’t worry, if you don’t know what that is, one of our team will help you free-of-charge). As soon as we have your vector logo, we’ll make a to-scale drawing so that you can evaluate the exact position and dimensions of the print before it is made final. It is important to keep in mind that the logo cannot be altered once it has been printed onto the coffee mugs.

Choose a delivery date for your custom coffee mugs

At the time of receiving a quote from us, you will see the minimum amount of time we require to deliver your order. Starting from that date, you can choose a preferred moment. The average delivery time is 2 weeks after receiving the order confirmation and print sample.

You want to receive your order on time, get the best quality for the best price and have your questions answered with personal attention.

At Impri Verre, we have short lines of communication with our production team and a close relationship with our logistical partners. Choose the desired delivery date at the time of ordering or requesting a quote; we always take deadlines seriously. You can also request a delivery address different to your business address. This way, we can deliver straight to your event or fair if necessary.

Along with great customer service, pleasing our customers with very high-quality personalised coffee mugs, offered at a competitive price, is what drives us. Our printers are specialised solely in the printing and decorating of glass- and tableware. And thanks to more than 12 years of experience, all techniques and colour ratios have been extensively developed.

We are ready to help and answer all your questions via chat, telephone or email during office hours from Monday to Friday. It is important to us to carefully consider your questions and requests, so that there are no surprises later on.

How can I get the correct logo file required to print my coffee mugs?</

For optimal results, we need a vector file in order to print your logo on the coffee mugs . Not familiar with vector logos? We’ll help you get a vector file even when you only have a bitmap file such as .JPEG or PNG. This service is always included and free-of-charge.