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Personalised beer glasses with logo model options

Some kinds of beer glasses are indispensible in the food and drinks industry

  • Flutes 18cl
  • Stackable beer glass 22 of 28cl
  • Non-stackable ‘Amsterdammertje’ beer glass
  • Hoegaarden glass (29cl)

Personalise beer glasses without stem

  • Tuborg glass 34cl
  • Monca glass 30cl
  • Wiezen glass 25cl tap size
  • Tulip glass 25cl or 30cl

Personalise craft beer glasses with stem

  • Trappist glass 45cl
  • Breughel glass 36cl or 48cl
  • Pokal glass Harzer and Thur 25cl to 50cl

Besides these, we also offer a collection of beer mugs. Click here to go to the personalised beer mugs.

  • Maxim beer mug 28cl of 50cl
  • Oktober beer mug 29cl of 55cl
  • Bremen beer mug
  • Benidorm beer mug 45cl

Quality personalisations for your beer glasses

With Impri Verre, quality craftsmanship is guaranteed. Your logo is applied by screen print and then goes into an industrial-grade oven at more than 600 degrees. We dare say that our prints match the quality of, for example, Heineken, Grolsch, Hoegaarden or Duvel glasses. You can now enjoy your own personalised beer glasses with the same quality of those made by renowned brewers, 

Beer glasses require a lower branding temperature than porcelain. Our beer glasses are suitable to be hand-washed but are not dishwasher-safe. Industrial dishwasher tablets are often too aggressive to protect the quality of the applied logo.

Personalising beer glasses with Impri Verre -what can I expect?

You want to receive your order on time, get the best quality for the best price and have your questions answered with personal attention.

At Impri Verre, we have short lines of communication with our production team and a close relationship with our logistical partners. Choose the desired delivery date at the time of ordering or requesting a quote; we always take deadlines seriously. You can also request a delivery address different to your business address. This way, we can deliver straight to your event or fair if necessary.

Along with great customer service, pleasing our customers with very high-quality personalised beer glasses, offered at a competitive price, is what drives us. Our printers are specialised solely in the printing and decorating of glass- and tableware. And thanks to more than 12 years of experience, all techniques and colour ratios have been extensively developed.

We are ready to help and answer all your questions via chat, telephone or email during office hours from Monday to Friday. It is important to us to carefully consider your questions and requests, so that there are no surprises later on.

How can I get the correct logo file?

For optimal results, we need a vector file in order to print your logo on the beer glasses. Not familiar with vector logos? We’ll help you get a vector file even when you only have a bitmap file such as .JPEG or PNG. This service is always included and free-of-charge.